To achieve meaningful results from the wealth management process, an ongoing long-term bond between client and adviser has far greater impact than one-off consultations. Relationship-building is crucial for breaking down barriers and getting to the heart of your aspirations and their viability.

Being privy to your goals and ambitions, and understanding their significance, empowers an adviser to help you achieve them. You may be reluctant to divulge sensitive information to someone you have either never met before, or only talked to every Preston Guild. Feeling sufficiently relaxed to be less guarded is achieved over time, as your confidence and trust in your adviser grows.

Building long-term associations, and having clients’ backs at every financial turn, allows an adviser to get to know you as a person, building rapport and trust as the relationship develops. It is not just about suggesting investments and financial plans that simply tick boxes. Truly effective wealth management should have longevity and commitment at the core of the business. This gives you, the client, that crucial continuity at all touch points with your adviser and the company they represent.

This long-term vision provides stability and focus in all aspects of financial planning and is evident at Red Star Wealth where we have built relationships with our clients, some for more than 15 years and an almost non-existent turnover of staff. In our office we don’t even use reference numbers to identify you; after all you are a person not a number.

By understanding the history of our clients, we are far better equipped to advise on their future. Wealth management should be as much about looking forward to a coffee and a chat with a familiar face, as it is about products.

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