The Preston Co-operative Development Network, the University of Central Lancashire and Preston City Council invite you to the symposium:

Preston Meets Mondragón: Worker ownership and democratic businesses for Preston.

The symposium brings together distinguished representatives from the Mondragón Co-operative Corporation and political, business, academic and social stakeholders in Preston. The aim is to explore what Preston can learn from the Mondragón experience in terms of developing worker-owned co-operative businesses following the Mondragón model, encouraging co-operative values and principles in the workplace and in community, and establishing a strategy for a working partnership with Mondragón.


Ibon Zugasti (Territorial Development Manager, LKS, Mondragón)

LKS has around 700 people on its staff and generates an annual turnover of more than 50 million. It is part of the Consulting and Engineering Division of Mondragón, the leading Basque business group and the seventh in Spain, consisting of 239 companies, most of them co-operatives, more than 75,000 people and 15 technology centres.

Ander Etxeberria (Head of Co-operative Dissemination, Mondragón)

Ander meets over 2,000 people every year in Mondragón who are interested in knowing more about the Mondragón Co-operatives. He has extensive experience of the Mondragón co-operatives, including working with Ikerlan, one of the R&D Centres in Mondragón and a co-operative member of Mondragón.

Michael Peck (USA Delegate for Mondragón)

Michael is Co-founder/Executive Director of the 1worker1vote movement, a NY-registered 501c3 dedicated to co-launching and co-scaling profitable hybrid worker ownership enterprises and projects with local stakeholders, inspired by sixty plus years of the Mondragon cooperative ecosystem experience. He is a board member of the American Sustainable Business Council, and a Blue Green Alliance corporate advisory board member, and founded the MAPA Group mission-driven, business development consultancy in 1994.

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Event Date: Wednesday 25 July, 9am – 5.45pm

Event Location: Greenbank Lecture Theatre, Victoria Street, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 7DR

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