Written by Shout Member Paul Inman, the owner of Fresh Furnishings.

Hotels house a lot of furniture.  Guests need to be comfortable during their stay and items such as sofas, armchairs and bespoke seating in high traffic areas can experience a high amount of wear and tear.  So, when it comes to replacing them, is a complete replacement or a refurbishment the best solution for your hotel furniture?

The short answer is it really depends on the client, the quality of their existing furniture and ultimately the budget they have available.  There’s no doubt that refurbishments are a very popular trend at the moment, upcycling and recycling is definitely the ‘in’ thing to do.  You only have to jump on Pinterest and there are a range of ideas at your fingertips.

Hotel refurbishments offer a tremendous opportunity to completely revamp the look and feel of an establishment, this doesn’t necessarily mean out with the old and in with the new though.  There is a growing market for recycling current furniture and giving it a new lease of life by being reupholstered.

The advantages of refurbishing hotel furniture

  1. Cost-effective – Budgets need to stretch as far as they possible can, especially in the current economic climate. Refurbishing furniture can be an enticing option as it’s often more affordable and means savings over purchasing new furniture.
  1. Longevity – Sometimes new isn’t always necessarily best. If you have furniture which has been built well with quality craftmanship, refurbishing it is often the best investment.
  1. Sustainability – By refurbishing furniture which you already have in situ you are doing your bit for the planet and reducing your carbon footprint. Reusing the existing frames, means no disposing of wood or steel which reduces waste and recycling costs.
  1. Inspirational – Stand out from the crowd, refurbishing offers the opportunity to do something more unique, letting your style shine through.
  1. CSR credentials – For businesses that are eco conscious and want to do their bit for the environment, recycling and refurbishing their furniture helps greatly towards their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives, which add values not just to your stakeholders, but your guests too.
  1. Depreciation – Investment in refurbishing furniture avoids the impact of depreciation when purchasing new, and if you wish to sell your furniture on in the future you won’t necessarily face a high loss.

The caveat around refurbishing furniture is that the frames need to be in good condition, solid and undamaged, otherwise the investment may not pay off.

The advantages of buying new hotel furniture

  1. Warranty – Purchasing new furniture often means you will have a warranty in place for a period of time should that item become faulty, so it can replaced easily without any additional cost. You also have the option to take out protection policies against damage, which provides peace of mind.
  1. Ergonomics – New designs often have comfort in mind and with the advances in innovation and technology there may be different styles and comfort levels that can be achieved.
  1. Investment – Completely new furniture can reflect a business doing well and works particularly well for very up to the minute styles that the hotel wishes to achieve, creating a feel-good factor for the hotel and their guests.

Sometimes there is the perception that settling for refurbishing furniture is a big compromise, but if done correctly it can add real value, offer impact and be the most cost-effective solution.

Whether you choose to invest in new furniture for your hotel or recycle and refurbish what is already in situ, rest assured that a revamp should create a happy place that entices your guest and keeps them coming back for more.