This person-focused, interactive session is all about empowering you to become your better self. We’ll be covering holistic ways to help you improve your performance and activate more of your potential, so that you can live and work better.

The guest speaker is Michelle Bondesio, Michelle is a consultant and writer with a background in communications and project management. Following a 20-year career across sectors, she now works with independent business people and creative teams, helping them to connect with their potential and grow better businesses.

Michelle’s approach is to provide wellbeing mentoring, behaviour design consulting and communications services. Her focus is on habits and behaviour change, raising awareness, building resilience and improving wellness in the workplace, because better selves means better business.

Michelle’s session features:

An introduction to self-care topics such as Mindfulness, Meditation, Digital Health and Wellness and the impact they can have on wellbeing, focus, performance and productivity


Interactive activities to get you thinking about how these ideas apply to you


Exercises which enable you to consider how you can activate and apply these ideas at work and with your teams


Learn how to cultivate a stronger culture of wellness at work as part of your retention strategy, to help improve performance and reduce absenteeism.

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Event Date: Thursday 22 November 2018, 9am – 1pm

Event Location: Scholars Board Room, Foster Building, Corporation Street, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, PR1 2HE