At Shout, you will never be under pressure….

To give referrals – we believe these flow naturally once strong relationships are developed between members.

To invite guests – although your guests are always welcome, we have a dedicated team working constantly to arrange visits for guests interested in attending our events.

To attend every event – we know you are busy, and we encourage you to get to as many events as possible, but we can build an attendance plan around your diary.

Shout Network Frequently Asked Questions


Can I attend any of the meetings?
We have a single-sector policy. If a member or guest registers for a group, but their sector seat is taken, the Shout team will make contact as quickly as possible to suggest an alternative meeting where the sector is not reserved.

I have particular dietary needs. Will I be catered for?
We do cater for special dietary requirements, but we would need to be notified by email to at least 24 hours before the start of the meeting.

Is there a particular dress code?
There is no formal dress code so we suggest that members and guests come dressed as they would for a normal day at work.

Are there any restrictions on distributing business cards or promotional literature?
All members and guests are welcome to bring and distribute business cards and literature pertaining to the business they are representing at the meeting.

Should I arrive at the meeting at the exact start time?
Guests are encouraged to arrive at least 10 minutes before a meeting so that they can be briefed about the meeting, and discuss any questions they may have.

Can I have a delegate list?
We don’t supply delegate lists to guests or members.

If I join, do I have to attend every meeting?
No, but we always encourage you to make the most of your membership. We can work with you to build a schedule around your current commitments, ensuring you maximise the return on your investment in a membership.

If I join, do I have to bring referrals to every meeting?
No, you will never be asked to give a referral to another member. We focus on developing trust and long-lasting, meaningful associations leading to natural referrals which are not forced.

If I join, do I have to send a sub if I cannot make a meeting?
No, but you are welcome to do so. A sub from your own business will always be welcome. If your sub is from a different business/sector, please let us know in advance so we can ensure the single sector rule is not breeched.

If I join, can I invite guests?
Yes, but please enquire about sector availability beforehand by speaking with a Shout representative.

Do I have to speak at the event?
You will be asked to do a short (approximately 60 seconds) pitch for your business. This is very relaxed, and others will appreciate this may be your first time speaking in front of a group. You will not be asked to speak first, giving you the opportunity to hear what others say beforehand.

Will I be the only person from my sector at the meeting?
Although our groups are single sector, this rule does not apply to guests, so it is possible that you may have a competing business present. We do try to advise of these situations in advance and give both parties the opportunity to either attend, or choose a different event.

How many meetings can I attend as a guest?
We allow a maximum of 2 visits per guest-business in any 12-month period.

I have more than one business, can I talk about both at the event?
Please speak to a Shout representative on arrival. This is usually fine however we need to ensure that this does not compete with an existing member’s offering. We also advise that it is important to keep your services clear and concise, especially at your first meeting.

Can I do a 10-minute presentation without being a member?
We only offer presentation opportunities to members, as this is a member benefit, and each group has a limited number of dates available.

Can I bring a colleague(s)?
Yes, but please advise us beforehand so we can ensure they are catered for. You can do this via e-mail to or ask your colleague to register separately for the event through our website. Guest fees charged are per person.

I have a disability. Is the meeting accessible?
Our policy is to ensure our events are accessible to everyone, regardless of disability. We do our best to make sure everyone can fully participate in all events. Please let us know if you have any special requirements.

What type of businesses attend Shout Events?
We have a large mixture of businesses from all different sectors.

How many people will be at the event?
It is difficult to advise exactly how many people will be in attendance, this will vary based on time of year, event location and age of group. We generally see an average of 20 people at each meeting.

Do you offer Ladies Only Networking Events?
Not at this time, we have an article about Ladies Networking Events here

What are the differences between Shout Network and BNI?
Please read our article on the differences here.


If you have any questions about our meetings that we haven’t answered here, please contact us.

How can business networking help your business?

• Meet new potential customers in a relaxed informal environment
• Find new suppliers for your products and services
• Meet like-minded people and develop friendships and a support network
• Develop your confidence by speaking and presenting in front of others
• Access support and advice from professionals in all fields
• Keep up to date with the latest news and events shared by your peers
• Maintain regular contact with customers/suppliers you have met through Shout